Students in mechatronics visited Elav

Part of Gruppo Colines Holding, Elav has always been committed to supporting local talent. As a matter of fact, a group of fourth-year students from Omar Institute (mechatronics sections) visited the company's plant in Cameri (Novara, Italy), where they had the opportunity to learn about the company's activities and deepen their knowledge of industrial automation.

The visit was made possible thanks to the support of Colines (parent company of Gruppo Colines Holding), which sponsors the mechatronics laboratory at the Omar Institute, providing students with the tools and technologies they need to develop their skills and prepare for the best possible future in the workplace.

"We are proud about our cooperation with the Omar Institute and we are happy to contribute to the training of young talents and future professionals in our sector", said Elav General Manager, Giorgio Manfredi. "We strongly believe that investing in young people and providing them with the opportunities they need to express their potential is crucial to guarantee the development of the whole community".