Victrex with Hromatka also in Benelux, Greece and Austria

With the beginning of 2023 the Hromatka Group has taken over the distribution for Victrex in the Benelux countries, as well as in Austria and Greece. With this move, the group not only expands its transnational network, but also brings Victrex, a world leader in PEEK polymer solutions, into its portfolio in the Alpine Republic.

Victrex is one of the world’s largest producer of PEEK, a high-performance engineering thermoplastic that is characterized above all by particularly high strength, rigidity and abrasion resistance. Its excellent long-term creep and fatigue behaviour, as well as its chemical resistance and light weight properties, make it the material of choice for metal replacement. Victrex PEEK polymer, APTIV film and Vicote coatings are used in the most demanding applications in the transportation, energy, electronics, medical and industrial markets.

Since 1 January, the Hromatka Group has extended its cooperation with Victrex in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina to Austria, Greece and the Benelux countries. This means that, in addition to the high-performing Victrex products, customers in these countries also have access to the high level of service and the comprehensive know-how of the Hromatka network. Due to its own warehouses in 17 European countries, a customer-oriented, flexible supply is guaranteed.

“I am particularly pleased that we can now also take over distribution in five additional countries for Victrex, one of our long-standing and reliable suppliers,“ said Hans Wolfgang Hromatka, founder and owner of the Hromatka Group.