High-performance, low-consumption blow moulding solutions

Back after six years, the NPE 2024 show held in Orlando, Florida, from 6 to 10 May marked an important milestone for Meccanoplastica, a reliable manufacturer of blow moulding machines based on the outskirts of Florence, that was able to strengthen relationships on the one hand, and start new contacts and projects with customers in a "challenging" key region such as North America  on the other. The Tuscan company brought to Orlando two high-tech blow moulding machine models: the HE480D and the MIPET 4-P.

The HE480D is an full-electric two-station extrusion blow moulding machine (EBM), the ideal technology for producing HDPE, PE and PP hollow bodies up to 5 litre capacity. The machine features a carriage stroke of 480 mm and a clamping force of up to 12-16 tons. The HE480D is a "user-friendly", high-performance and efficient machine. In addition, thanks to a device similar to the KERS used in Formula One, the machine recovers energy from the braking system, increasing overall efficiency.

The MIPET 4-P, on the other hand, is an full-electric stretch blow moulding machine (SBM) equipped with a 4-cavity mould, ideal for the production of PET bottles up to 2-2.5 litres from preforms. This solution ensures low energy consumption and incorporates an optimised mould heating system. The MIPET 4-P features a new, more compact layout and a new high-performance “green” oven that speeds up preform preparation, increasing production performance. The machine is also equipped with a pressure control system operating inside the finished piece, so that any defective bottles are automatically rejected. The MIPET 4-P machine is extremely efficient and allows high energy savings.

After the American fair, Meccanoplastica also took part in Plastpol, Kielce, Poland, from 21 to 24 May, exhibiting the JET75-4 full-electric 4-station injection blow moulding machine (IBM). This machine features a mould-injection clamping force of 65 tons and a mould-blow mould clamping force of 10 tons with an injection speed of 65 mm/sec.