MacPlas lands on LinkedIn

A few days ago MacPlas inaugurated its profile on LinkedIn, the business platform par excellence, which today boasts around one billion users worldwide. Always attentive to new communication trends in the B2B sector, Italy's oldest publication in the plastics and rubber industry has decided to add a new information channel to its existing ones, not only to keep up with the times, but above all to meet the needs of its readers, who have been increasingly connected and loyal to the publication for almost 50 years.

Every day, news from across the plastics and rubber industry will be posted, from market to technology, from environment to materials, from applications to industry events.

The jewel in the crown of this new information channel is some unedited editorial contents that makes it exclusive. An example of this is the "curiosities", textual content with differentiated graphics, highlighting certain plastic solutions, the nature of which we often do not dwell on too much, but which over the years have changed people's lives, simplifying a multitude of everyday gestures, colouring homes, revolutionising established habits and contributing to the creation of the "modern lifestyle".

So far, the profile has attracted around a hundred followers and the news published has received several thousand hits in a very short time. This is a positive sign that lays the foundation for a new and successful venture. To keep up to date and have MacPlas at your fingertips, click on the link