1924-2024: the hundred years of Hasco

(Picture from Hasco Linkedin page)

In 2024, German mould-maker Hasco celebrates one hundred years of activity. German technological development in mould-making is closely associated with the name Hasco, founded in 1924 by Hugo Hasenclever, who produced the first tools for machining a then-new material: bakelite. The company's history soon took an important turn when Rolf Hasenclever, the founder's son, invented and patented a modular system for manufacturing standard components in 1960, paving the way for a workshop to become a global group.

Since then, several milestones have marked Hasco's history, moving from the analogue to the digital age of mould-making and introducing innovative parameters and features that have made processes and products easier and simpler. The company's motto, “Enabling with System”, sums up in three words what it has been striving to be for the industry as a whole for a century, through innovation, pioneering spirit and inventiveness: a leading mould-maker based on modular production of standard components and accessories as well as customised solutions.

Throughout the year, the company will trace its 100-year history and share it with its partners around the world. This will be supported by a commemorative book, printed in two languages, which will provide an exciting read through the history of the company's development and an insight into its highlights over time. "Our goal is to continue to be a pioneer in mould making for the next 100 years and to set new milestones in industry innovation", said CEO, Christoph Ehrlich.