NPE 2024 under the banner of bioplastics and sustainability

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The Plastics Industry Association (Plastics) will foster the continued growth of the bioplastics industry at its upcoming trade show, NPE 2024 (Orlando, 6-10 May). With more than 45 bioplastics related exhibitors on the show floor, the fair is expected to be the largest gathering of bioplastics companies in the Americas. Several companies will display their latest developments in bioplastic polymers and additives across more than 4,500 sqm of exhibits. Attendees will explore the latest materials, technologies and processes offering innovative sustainability solutions, while also hearing from a variety of sustainability experts, suppliers and manufacturers on the all-new Sustainability Stage, and in two Recycling and Sustainability Zones.

NPE 2024 will provide a first-hand look into how sustainable plastics manufacturing is driving value creation for society, the environment and the industry. “Our first-ever Sustainability Hub will highlight leaders in sustainability and include action-oriented displays in areas such as - renewable feedstocks, collection, sortation, energy efficient manufacturing and more - you will not want to miss it”, Patrick Krieger, Plastics Vice President of Sustainability, stated.

Additionally, made for plastic material suppliers, processors, equipment suppliers, and brands interested in investing in the bioplastics industry, Plastics will release its 2024 Bioplastics Market Watch Report on 8 May. The new edition of the Bioplastics Market Watch will feature the latest market data compared to the 2018 report to show the market growth figures, policy implications and consumer perceptions affecting bioplastics businesses today.

“Through this report, we hope to gain a better understanding on consumer perceptions around bioplastic products, their sustainability value and functionality within our industry, including how the bioplastics market outlook have evolved since the last report was issued”, Perc Pineda, Plastics Chief Economist, stated.