Cracking Art in Hong Kong

In 2023, Harbour City opens its doors to more international art communities to satisfy all art lovers. The first art project partners with the renowned Italian Cracking Art group, who will host its first eco-public art exhibition in Hong Kong on their 30th anniversary. From 31 January to 28 February, over 90 animal sculptures made from regenerated plastic will be on display across 8 different locations in Harbour City, indoors and out.

Cracking Art exhibition is designed to stimulate fun interaction with visitors and highlight the increasingly close relationship between natural life and artificial reality, especially the use of plastic. Appearing in unexpected urban spaces, the brightly coloured animal sculptures made from regenerable plastic have always triggered a community-wide conversation about the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation.

Placing eye-catching animal sculptures in busy international cities, Cracking Art aims to arouse people’s attention to the intense relationship between nature and artificial plastic through public art and the importance of recycling. What’s more, each design is conceived as a symbolic message about the species itself and our relationship with nature. For example, Beagle is the unfortunate dog breed which has been picked for animal testing; Penguin has been the great sufferer of global warming; while the Crocodile and Sea Turtle are two of the oldest creatures on Earth.

To continue the mission of Cracking Art Group of minimizing waste and reducing the environmental impact, the sculptures will be returned after the exhibition and will be displayed in other cities.