Quality, application flexibility and an approach that always puts the customer at the centre: this is the philosophy behind the synergistic collaboration between Gefran and Bausano that is constantly renewed thanks to the excellence that characterises the products of both companies, allowing them to meet the needs of a steady evolving market. Bausano relies on Gefran for its ability to meet even the most complex technological needs as a supplier of electrical system engineering, control software and electronics. A turnkey range of products that Gefran completes with innovative solutions, such as the KE melt sensors with NaK (sodium/potassium) fluid, the GRS-H solid state relays with heat sink and the PC panel platform G-Vision.

Chosen by Bausano for its lines, the KE series melt pressure sensors optimise extrusion processes thanks to their ability to maintain a stable and optimal flowrates for high production performance and safety. Thanks to the GTP+ coating the probes deliver high resistance to corrosion and abrasion and are able to measure pressure even at high temperatures (538 °C). In addition, the KE series is equipped with a hydraulic pressure signal transmission system; the transmission of the mechanical stress takes place via an incompressible transmission fluid (NaK), ensuring temperature stability.

The GRS-H series of single-phase solid-state relays with integrated diagnostics is particularly suitable for plastics processing machines due to the early detection of load breaks and any other faults in the control loop. Several advantages are guaranteed: on the one hand, minimisation of machine downtimes and, on the other, reduction of scrap along with the related processing costs. Featuring current ratings from 15 to 120 A and voltages up to 600 Vac, these relays feature an ultra-compact and particularly robust design for easy installation and long-lasting performance. 

Finally, for the connection of the production lines, Bausano has adopted the G-Vision multi-touch capacitive PC panel platform, with integrated Web Server and 4.0 connectivity. G-Vision is able to communicate through the main Fieldbus protocols (EtherCAT, ProfiNET, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, CANopen, Modbus RTU) and complies with Industry 4.0 criteria thanks to the MQTT, OPC-UA and SQL protocols, in order to facilitate machine-to-machine communication and make data and information available to operators, supervisors and production managers safely, accurately and rapidly. G-Vision's cybersecurity is also guaranteed by the built-in firewall which allows network segmentation thanks to the NAT feature (Network Address Translation).