Precision and reliability in hot runner temperature control

The new T-Flow HRS control units from Oerlikon HRSflow, presented at NPE 2024, increase the precision and reliability of temperature control in hot runner injection moulding. Modular in design, there are three models, configurable to multiples of 6 zones, to control up to 120 zones.

Easy and intuitive to operate
T-Flow HRS offers an intuitive, self-explanatory user interface for comprehensive process control. The combination of integrated touchscreen, clear text display, intelligent navigation and guided operation results in a particularly user-friendly concept without the need for instruction or prior knowledge. The integrated LED strip in the signal colours green, yellow and red makes the operating status visible even from a distance. Recipes and test reports can be installed and transferred quickly and efficiently via the integrated USB port. Data is exchanged with the injection moulding machine via the OPC UA interface in accordance with the new Euromap 82.2 standard protocol for hot runner controllers. The integrated VNC server also enables convenient operation via notebook or smartphone/tablet.

High precision and fast control
T-Flow HRS controls the nozzle temperatures particularly precisely. This means that the system can be used universally, even for demanding high performance applications with small and compact nozzles. Its modular design allows flexible configuration to meet the respective requirements. The heating options are simultaneous heating of all zones with definable temperature deviation, sequential heating, or the combination of both functions as well as gentle heating (soft start), providing further flexibility in temperature control. In addition, several zones can be grouped and parameterised as one zone. Recipe management enables different recipes to be saved, stored, compared, and quickly called up.

Efficiency and energy savings
The T-Flow HRS is designed for efficiency and energy saving and features, for example, external heat sinks for continuous heat dissipation to maximise the performance and service life of the controller. The integrated timer function enables the outputs to be switched on and off automatically on certain days and at certain times, thus promoting optimum energy utilisation. In addition, the auto standby function improves energy efficiency by intelligently controlling the controller's standby mode, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-efficient injection moulding process.

Rapid assistance
T-Flow HRS provides immediate assistance in the event of faults, for example irregularities during heating. The thermodynamic analysis (TSA) compares the thermodynamic state of the mould with a defined state previously saved as a reference; plastic leaks are continuously detected during the operation and measures are taken in the event of a sensor break. In case of an alarm, the integrated service and support system provides quick instructions that help to identify the location of the problem and guide the operators to quickly resolve the issue to minimise downtime and enable optimum performance. In addition, a service file stores all the necessary information for fault analysis if a fault cannot be rectified straight away and technical support is therefore required. Created with just one click, it can be emailed to technical support to carry out an in-depth analysis based on the data.