Cannon to introduce new PU processing solutions at Utech Europe

(Picture Cannon Afros)

At upcoming Utech Europe 2024, (Maastricht, the Netherlands, April 23-25), The event dedicated to the foam materials industry, Cannon Group will be presenting several innovative solutions and developments for the processing of polyurethanes.

Cannon Afros will be exhibiting new equipment to manufacture formable, extra-wide PU based vacuum insulated panels (VIPs), expanding the scope of the Life-Vicorpan Project to encompass large commercial fridges and freezers. Shaping the panels avoids the thermal bridges at the junctions of top, bottom and side walls, and provides greater flexibility when inserting panels into the shell of cooling cabinets.

(Picture Cannon Afros)

Cannon Afros has extended the range of its EG-AX multi-component mixing head system to include viscoelastic foams, continuous sandwich panels and poly-iso boards. With the range extension Cannon can now offer the equipment to process expandable graphite in any kind of product, including insulation panels, flexible foams for furniture, molded foams for mass transit as well as integral skin and flexible moulded foams for automotive applications. Expandable graphite is a highly efficient flame retardant for polyurethane foams, unaffected by the health and safety concerns of other flame retardants.

Sticking to mixing heads, Cannon Afros will premiere the all-new LN 5/3 and LN 10/3 mixing heads for automotive interior and exterior PU RIM coating. Improvements include a new small and compact design, ideal when combining PU RIM injection with thermoplastic injection moulding, faster fixing of the mixing head to the mould, straightforward mixing pressure adjustment, easy access to the injectors and quick and effective colour change.

Finally, Cannon Viking will be showcasing the new Laydown Master kit to complete its offering for PU slabstock foam producers using solid fillers and without liquid CO2 as a blowing agent. The Laydown Master has been specifically developed as a kit for distributing liquid PU across the foaming conveyor before reaction, requiring less modifications to the existing hardware and suitable to be (retro)fitted to virtually all existing foam production lines.