Ferrero Rocher boxes become recyclable and sustainable

Today’s sustainability journey is demanding and one that no company can succeed alone. It’s vital to work in partnership with others to reach the goal together. That’s why Ferrero has chosen to collaborate with Milliken in its mission to find the right material for the iconic Ferrero Rocher boxes.

Ferrero and Milliken share a passion for enhancing packaging sector circularity. Their long-standing relationship led Ferrero to turn to its partner again to help find a sustainable packaging material for its Ferrero Rocher boxes. In this case, Milliken custom-designed more than 20 formulations to find the right box made from polypropylene, a clear, lightweight and highly recyclable material.

During the course of this extensive project, Milliken was able to demonstrate measurable performance improvement including lower resource consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The companies worked collaboratively to meet Ferrero’s demanding specifications to maintain the iconic Ferrero Rocher box’s transparency, and guaranteeing the same high-quality product that our consumers know and love.

“At Milliken, we thrive on resolving the technical challenges brought to us by our customers. This project with Ferrero is a great example of how close collaboration can help to deliver value-added solutions”, Ruben Subira, Regional Market Manager Plastic Additives at Milliken, said.