Circulation pumps for heating systems in reinforced PA 66

Ensuring high quality and sustainable supplies of water for consumers is a major challenge for city authorities. As cities grow, the challenge will only increase. Domo Chemicals, a major supplier of polyamide materials, is preparing to meet that challenge. Domo Chemicals is already delivering solutions for water supply and treatment applications. The company has developed products that offer certified high performance over decades in contact with hot water as well as cold drinking water, increasingly found in such products as water meters, heating systems, and home appliances. Many of its innovations are developed in collaboration with leading producers of water delivery and management systems.

One example is the work that Domo does with Wilo, a premium supplier of pumps and pump systems for building services, water management and industrial applications. The two companies have common goals in contributing to urbanization megatrends: both are aiming to make complex technologies user-friendly, simple to use, energy-efficient and high-performance. Wilo products combine top-rated performance, German engineering and world-class materials. They are designed to provide maximum efficiency for heating and cooling systems.

Within the heating subsegment, Domo Chemicals offers several options especially developed for applications in circulation pumps. The material of choice for Wilo has been Domo’s Technyl A218 V30 Black 34NG, an injection moulding compound based on polyamide 66 containing 30% glass fibre reinforcement, which is heat stabilized and glycol resistant, and grants stable performance in permanent contact with water. This solution is applied for the production of Wilo Para MSL/6-43/SC circulation pump, for heating systems. A second grade, approved for drinking water-contact applications, is Technyl A218W V30 Black FA. The two grades show very similar performance in glycol ageing, with Technyl A218 V30 Black 34NG marginally superior.

The APT (Application Part Testing) laboratory in Domo Chemicals’ Engineered Materials division is well equipped to test specimens and final parts for water management applications. Key properties can be evaluated under even the most extreme conditions on specimen and final parts. Water temperature, pressure, flow rate, concentration of different substances (chlorine, oxygen, for example), pH, and other parameters can all be modified and controlled. Results from the tests make it possible to forecast performance over entire envisaged product lifetimes.