CMG thermoforming scrap granulators take centre stage in Amsterdam

CMG Granulators renews its presence at European Thermoforming Conference 2024, in Amsterdam from 10 to 12 April. On April 12 CMG will held a  presentation about granulators for thermoforming scrap, featuring high capacity and reduced energy consumption.

 The new GT granulator series is designed for in-line scrap recycling, suitable for sheet, skeletal sheet and reject parts grinding, available in four models suitable for small to medium capacities to cover applications ranging from 200 through to 1.000 kg/h. The signature feature of this series is the blade set up design: the rotor blades are positioned at a high degree of inclination, 50°, in respect to the bed blade, so to guarantee the best cutting precision, the highest dimensional homogeneity of the regrind, the lowest sound emissions and absence of dust. 

The cutting chamber is “bolt & dowel” assembled, does not utilize cast or welded components and all parts are CNC machined to obtain the highest precision of assembly to the 100th of millimetre. These granulators only consume 20 Wh/kg of energy and all models feature low profile and soundproofing, so as to be positioned right underneath the finished product conveyor belt and to keep the production environment as quiet as possible.