Dual award to Sipa’s PET bottle for sparkling wine

(Picture from WorldStar Awards
internet website)

Developed by Sipa for sparkling wine, the PET/rPET bottle La Spumante recently won the "WorldStar Awards" in the categories "Alcoholic Beverages" and "Packaging Materials and Components". The handover ceremony will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, on June 15th during ProPak Asia.

The appearance of La Spumante is very similar to conventional glass bottles. From a functional point of view the neck reflects the mechanical properties of glass, allowing the use of standard corking methods with traditional cork and wire cage. Its similarity to glass bottles, including the bottom, therefore guarantees seamless integration into existing filling lines, thus ensuring interchangeability between the two types of packaging. The bottle weighs about 90 g compared to 720-750 g of conventional glass bottles, features a load resistance of more than 3,500 N and can withstand internal pressures of up to 5.5 bar at filling temperature.

Its lightness allows the reduction of resources and emissions during transport operations compared to its glass counterparts and therefore, more generally, of the carbon footprint, while its strength and indestructibility make it particularly suitable for events and shipments. No less important is its clarity, which enhances the drinking experience without affecting the flavours and effervescence of sparkling wine.