Strategic partnership for advanced EPS recycling solutions

(Picture from Epsilyte internet website)

A renowned provider of cutting-edge equipment for EPS recycling, Fimic, and a leading provider of advanced materials, Epsilyte, announced a strategic partnership that marks a significant milestone in Epsilyte’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency in recycling operations. Epsilyte has selected Fimic as its preferred partner for the supply of advanced equipment designed to enhance the quality and efficiency of its recycling process. Fimic’s equipment specializes in filtering recycled EPS, addressing the challenge of physical contamination and ensuring that the recycled material meets the highest standards of purity and quality.

The choice of Fimic as a partner was driven by three key factors that align with Epsilyte’s commitment to sustainability and operational excellence: 
- versatility in handling contamination: Fimic’s equipment has demonstrated exceptional versatility in handling varying types and levels of physical contamination commonly encountered in recycling EPS; this versatility ensures that Epsilyte consistently produces high-quality recycled materials, reducing waste and environmental impact;
- reduced risk and equipment damage: Fimic’s technology minimizes the risk of damage to recycling equipment, a crucial consideration for Epsilyte in optimizing operational efficiency and reducing downtime; this partnership allows Epsilyte to streamline its processes and maximize resource utilization;
- reliable delivery schedule: Fimic’s commitment to meeting deadlines and maintaining a reliable delivery schedule aligns seamlessly with Epsilyte’s production needs; this partnership ensures that Epsilyte can meet its growing demand for recycled EPS materials.

“Epsilyte is committed toward a more sustainable future and demonstrates it in the investments we’re making in technologies like FIMIC Melt Filtration. Their knowledge and experience in the filtration sector are highly valued and our collaboration with FIMIC is serving as a foundation of Epsilyte’s improved capability to process a variety of recycled polystyrene”, DJ Harris, Epsilyte Plant Engineer, said. “We look forward to maintaining and expanding our partnership in the years to come.”

Fimic brings a team of well-seasoned technicians who optimize recycling equipment for peak performance. Epsilyte looks forward to utilizing Fimic’s cutting-edge technology and industry knowledge to enhance the quality of its recycled materials. With this partnership, Epsilyte is on the brink of acquiring its second machine from Fimic, further underlining its commitment to revolutionizing EPS recycling and reducing the environmental footprint of this widely used material.

“Witnessing the delight on our customers’ faces as Fimic effortlessly resolves their challenges is an unparalleled joy”, Ludovic Pitrois, North American Sales Manager, said.