Star Automation Europe in Kazakhstan

22 March, 2023

The signing of an agency agreement with Astana-base IDS Metra Robotics brings Star Automation Europe to Kazakhstan. Specialising in industrial robotic systems, digital logistics, positioning systems and metrology equipment, IDS Metra Robotics focuses in particular on supporting companies committed to increasing their performance in production in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. IDS closely cooperates with state agencies, associations and industrial partners, organising forums and seminars. Through the agreement with Star Automation Europe the Kazakh company also enters the plastics industry.

Kazakhstan is gradually becoming independent in the production of the raw materials necessary for its domestic market by expanding the manufacture of plastic products, thanks to companies that are boosting their capacity and moving increasingly towards digital production.

"Given the momentum of industrial robot imports in recent years, we expect Star robots to become the flagship product for our strategy focused on the emerging Kazakh market, especially in the pharmaceutical and automotive industries," said Akylbek Iliuf, CEO of IDS Metra Robotics.