• 29 November 2023

    Countdown to JEC World 2024 started

    Less than four months to go before JEC World opens the doors to the 2024 edition. Well known globally as the main composites festival, a place where business meets inspiration and innovation, the show expects to gather the whole composites community and more. Appointment is settled from 5 to 7 March 2024 in...
  • 22 November 2023

    Customised solutions for the automation of extrusion lines

    Quality, application flexibility and an approach that always puts the customer at the centre: this is the philosophy behind the synergistic collaboration between Gefran and Bausano that is constantly renewed thanks to the excellence that characterises the products of both companies, allowing them to meet the needs of a steady evolving market...
  • 22 November 2023

    Macchi chooses Wiku Plastic for Germany

    The Italian extrusion equipment manufacturer Macchi is expanding its international presence thanks to a new partnership with the German company Wiku Plastic, which will represent it in Germany on a technical and commercial level. Headquartered in Röthenbach an der Pegnitz...
  • 22 November 2023

    Black Forest meeting on artificial intelligence in injection moulding

    Two days dedicated by Arburg to artificial intelligence at its headquarters in Lossburg brought together 33 experts to discuss how automatic machine learning (AutoML) or neural networks (such as TabPFN) can be used to make predictions in academic and industrial research and simplify everyday work in...
  • 22 November 2023

    Engel to open production facility in Mexico

    Following its company philosophy, “Close to the customer,” European injection moulding manufacturer Engel will expand its production footprint by building a new multi-faceted facility in Mexico. The company's goal is to establish optimal sales, logistics, and production structures for each of the three major regions...
  • 22 November 2023

    The smaller the cells, the stronger the extrudates

    The Microcell technology developed by Promix Solutions makes it possible to reduce by up to 20% material consumption in the extrusion of foams without altering their mechanical properties. A further 20-50% reduction in the weight of the final product is achieved by using atmospheric gases (CO2 and nitrogen) as blowing agents...
  • 22 November 2023

    Tighter EU rules on waste exports

    European Parliament and Council reached a provisional agreement on revising EU procedures and control measures for waste shipments. The agreed law aims to protect the environment and human health more effectively, while contributing to achieve the EU’s climate neutrality, circular economy and zero pollution goals...
  • 15 November 2023

    Art changes the approach to waste and the workplace

    Once again IMG (based in Capriano del Colle, near Brescia) becomes an art gallery. After the successful exhibition of the works of Stefano Bombardieri last April, which attracted hundreds of visitors, this time the company has decided to host an artist from Bergamo to celebrate the year of Bergamo and Brescia as Italy’s Capitals of Culture...
  • 15 November 2023

    Amut in Spain with Luiso

    Through a long-term cooperation agreement with the Spanish company Luiso, Amut expands its international presence in the field of recycling lines, cast film extrusion lines and related services. The Spanish market, which was already served directly from the Italian manufacturer's headquarters...
  • 15 November 2023

    EUBP chairman stepped down

    European Bioplastics (EUBP) announced that Stefan Barot stepped down as Chair and member of the Board of European Bioplastics. Until a successor will be elected, Mariagiovanna Vetere and Lars Börger will take the reins of EUBP as Acting Co-
  • 08 November 2023

    Strategic partnership for advanced EPS recycling solutions

    A renowned provider of cutting-edge equipment for EPS recycling, Fimic, and a leading provider of advanced materials, Epsilyte, announced a strategic partnership that marks a significant milestone in Epsilyte’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency in recycling operations. Epsilyte has selected Fimic as...
  • 08 November 2023

    Davis-Standard grows in extrusion with ETG acquisition

    Global leader in the extrusion equipment and services sector, Davis-Standard announced that it had reached a definitive agreement to acquire the Extrusion Technology Group (ETG) from entities controlled by the Dutch Investor Nimbus. ETG’s operations span Europe, the United States, and Asia and includes...
  • 08 November 2023

    Reducing plastic waste: easier said than done for ECA

    EU lawmakers are currently striving to overhaul the bloc’s packaging rules for increased sustainability. The new Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation aims to reduce waste thanks to higher recycling and reuse targets. The controversial law, which covers multiple packaging sectors, is considered an...
  • 25 October 2023

    Solutions for the production of preforms and food containers

    Sipa's participation in Cibustec (the trade fair dedicated to food and beverage technologies scheduled in Parma from 24 to 27 October) focuses on solutions for innovation in packaging design, production, filling and handling with particular regard to food applications...
  • 25 October 2023

    Comerio Ercole among the ESG TOP Performers 2023

    A manufacturer of machines for the processing of rubber, plastic, nonwovens and other sheet materials, Comerio Ercole has been selected to join the best 100 Italian companies in the ESG TOP Performer category of the "2023 Sustainability Award", now in its third edition. In the 2021 edition...
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