WM-Sencorp strengthen their activities in the United States and Canada


“Over the last few years, WM has greatly strengthened and expanded its global network, carefully selecting its commercial partners with only one goal: to best meet its customers thermoforming needs”, explained Luca Oliverio, sales director of WM.


In September 2020, the WM-Sencorp partnership celebrates its first anniversary and takes the opportunity to showcase the latest version of the FC 1000 IM2 - a die-cut thermoforming machine for maximum productivity which is now being sold in the US-Canada market under the co-branded name "WM-Sencorp". Interested thermoformers will be able to see and trial run the machine at the Sencorp venue in Hyannis, Massachusetts, during the month of November 2020. The FC 1000 IM2 is characterized for its high productivity and flexibility while offering low energy consumption and a lower production cost per square meter versus its competitors.


The SencorpWhite Group specializes in five categories of industrial machinery: thermoforming machines, automated storage and retrieval systems, medical heat sealers, automatic packaging and sealing machines, supply chain execution software.


"With our FC and FLEX series and with our FT and Twist series, the Sencorp portfolio will now provide fully electrical in-line and tilt-bed technology in addition to their existing product portfolio of the 2500 and Ultra series covering the requirements for all food, industrial and medical applications”, commented Luca Oliverio.


"The first contact with Sencorp dates back to the 2018 edition of the NPE fair in Orlando, where both parties agreed that the respective thermoforming technologies are not only different, but also complementary," continued Oliverio. "In fact, while our match-metal thermoforming machines with lower tilting platen for medium-high productions of disposable cups and containers for the dairy industry and trays are in fact unique, those with the die-cut and pressure-vacuum cutting technology used for manufacturing of hinged containers, trays, lids and blisters have different interpretations: compact and faster versus big and slower”.


Through this new partnership, the American and Canadian packaging industry will not only be able to purchase the Swiss technology through a recognized local manufacturer, but they also will be guaranteed an excellent aftersales service thanks to a highly qualified service team that Sencorp has and will continue to develop. Both companies are compromised with the North American thermoforming industry to provide the best solutions to their customers.




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