CMS becomes Brett Martin’s newest Approved Partner

The Italian manufacturer, CMS has been announced as the latest company to acquire Approved Partner status. CMS has been awarded this accolade following the successful testing of Brett Martin’s Marpet-g FS (PETg) material on its Eidos vacuum forming machine.

CMS is the first Approved Partner who manufactures thermoforming equipment. Brett Martin’s 5-mm Marpet-g FS plastic sheet - which does not need to be pre-dried before thermoforming unlike other plastics - was tested on CMS’s Eidos 1512, using a vacuum forming machine with halogen heaters and an aluminium mould. This sheet is ideal for various POS and 3D displays, as well as signage and industrial applications.

“Our recent experience forming Brett Martin’s PETg material on our Eidos vacuum forming machine within the Cms Technology Centre was a great success. The high quality of the material, combined with the Cms Eidos, produced vacuum formed parts of an excellent quality. The PETg material reacted well with our latest technology, granting high productivity”, said Daniel Long, area sales manager, CMS UK.

“We’re delighted to see our Marpet-g FS plastic sheet perform so well on CMS’s equipment. Our Approved Partner Programme is crucial to our product development. It validates our products’ quality and ensures their reliability and versatility for printers. Companies such as CMS allow us to understand how our products are performing and make sure they are compatible with the latest processing technologies to ensure suitability for a wide range of applications”, added Simona Firth, semi-finished product manager at Brett Martin.