Renycle makes its debut at Fakuma 2021

Four keywords - safety, reliability, quality and traceability - represent the new sustainable offering from RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers. A specialist in the manufacture of engineering polymers from recovered materials for over 40 years, the RadiciGroup business area is launching its new brand Renycle at Fakuma 2021. The Renycle PA 6 and PA 66 products include a variable percentage of post-industrial and post-consumer recycled polymers, which are the result of careful selection from incoming raw materials and advanced mechanical characterization.

“At RadiciGroup every production scrap has always become a new resource. We have years of experience in sorting the diverse materials and selecting the best road forward to give them a second life. We have developed a production process that precisely monitors the selection and treatment of raw materials to optimize the characteristics and variability of the end products. Moreover, in recent years, we have taken part in circular economy projects, such as CarE-Service, which has allowed us to acquire skills in post-consumer recycling, as well. This is why we are launching Renycle at Fakuma. This brand signifies our sustainability offering, in terms of both the characterization of products from the viewpoint of the properties (mechanical, chemical, physical, electrical, etc.) typically required for construction materials and the reduction of environmental impact compared to products made of 100% virgin polymer (LCA comparison)”, Erico Spini, global marketing manager of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers, stressed.

The Renycle brand stands for the readiness of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers to undertake new challenges linked to sustainability, while, at the same time, ensuring product safety and traceability, as required by more and more stringent laws and regulations. The new Renycle products bear the same brand name already used by the Group’s textiles business area to identify nylon yarn made from recovered materials. Thus, RadiciGroup has broadened its sustainable portfolio and become a more valuable partner for customers who want to lower the environmental impact of their finished products and are committed to make choices that respect the environment, also in light of a legislative context that is increasingly promoting the recycling and reuse of materials now considered to be waste (end-of-life materials).

“Renycle products are suitable for applications in all RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers’ target markets: automotive, e-mobility, electrical/ electronics, industrial and consumer goods. In the new range, we also have a glass-fibre-filled flame retardant product that is halogen- and red phosphorous-free and a material resistant to engine cooling fluid for the automotive sector”, Spini concluded.