More than 500 the signatories of the Antwerp Declaration

(Picture Linkedin Marco Mensink)

Within two weeks, starting with 73 signatures, over 500 industry leaders now rally in support of the Antwerp Declaration for a European industrial deal to complement the EU Green Deal and safeguard quality jobs across Europe. The growing signatories now span 20 sectors and represent the highest ranking officer of more than 370 companies, almost 120 associations, and include industry representatives, trade unions, research institutes and universities, among others.

The Antwerp Declaration advocates for the European industrial deal to be at the core of the new European strategic agenda, with a Commission Vice President designated to oversee its implementation. The calls also tackle regulatory inconsistencies, public funding mechanisms, access to raw materials and energy, raw materials security, innovation and infrastructure development, alongside a strengthened European approach. Without a targeted industrial policy, Europe risks becoming dependent on basic goods and chemicals.

“Surpassing 500 signatories is a remarkable milestone which clearly shows a unified call to urgently address pressing challenges facing European industries and workers today. With the Declaration, we present European policy makers with concrete solutions to restore European competitiveness while advancing the goals of the EU Green Deal", said Marco Mensink, Cefic Director General.