IMG at DKT with REM and new vertical VCV

A manufacturer of injection and compression moulding machines for rubber, silicone and thermosets based near Brescia (Italy), IMG will take part in the DKT fair in Nuremberg, Germany, from 1 to 4 July, exhibiting two injection moulding machines, the all-electric REM horizontal model and the new VCV vertical model.

The latter, particularly appreciated in foreign markets, allows the moulding of rubber and solid silicone, thanks to a special hopper, as well as of liquid silicone, through an additional metering pump for the two components, destined for the production of LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) items. The machine features the "upside-down piston" clamping system, i.e. moving from the bottom to the top, which allows 30% faster clamping times compared to a model with conventional "top-bottom" piston, resulting in shorter cycle times and higher productivity. The main innovation, however, concerns the addition of the "platen shifters" system, ensuring a more flexible adjustment of the mould height, even in the case of large moulds.

The REM machine, on the other hand, it is the first all-electric injection moulding machine for rubber, unveiled to German customers at the K 2022 fair in Düsseldorf. This horizontal press, equipped with a 300-ton toggle-joint clamping system, features advanced electronic components such as the energy-efficient plug-and-play system, as well as real-time energy consumption monitoring systems. Moulding tests will be carried out at the fair daily on both models, and gadgets will be made for visitors.

The participation in the DKT exhibition represents a further step in the internationalisation process undertaken by the company based in Capriano del Colle. "The first foreign market penetrated by IMG with the intention of establishing ourselves with increasing authority is Germany, which offers great potential for us and represents our second largest market after Italy. Germany boasts a long-standing manufacturing tradition. This is why establishing ourselves here with seriousness and authority demonstrates our quality," explained Barbara Ulcelli, CEO of IMG, which operates in Germany through the Rolf Schlicht agency. And with a view to internationalisation, the company has already confirmed its participation as an exhibitor in K 2025 in Düsseldorf.