Moretto UNI EN ISO 50001 certified

Obtaining the UNI EN ISO 50001 certification, recognised and applied globally in the attestation of the adoption of an energy management system compliant with international best practices according to the ISO 50001 standard, Moretto made a further step towards sustainability.

This certification will enable the company, based in Massanzago (Padua), to track all energy information, immediately detect process variations, improve performance and environmental impact related to energy use and consumption over time, and contribute to the achievement of important environmental sustainability goals.

The certification, obtained after a rigorous process of verification, monitoring and analysis by an independent third party, is in addition to the other certifications already held by the company, such as ISO 9001:2015, which confirms its commitment to its customers to ensure that every action and process is carried out according to rigorous quality standards, and the Carbon Footprint (Scope 1), which is the start of a virtuous circle of assessing and managing its overall carbon footprint and environmental impact.

For Moretto, ISO 50001 certification demonstrates compliance with the standard in several areas of the organisation: from the design and production of auxiliary machinery for plastics processing to the maintenance and energy management of the group's plants and factories. The certification confirms the application of a systematic approach to the continuous improvement of energy performance and of the energy management system itself, which ensures the reduction of waste and the optimisation of the use of resources for the benefit of all the company's stakeholders.