Comerio Ercole among the ESG TOP Performers 2023

(Foto pagina Linkedin Comerio Ercole)

A manufacturer of machines for the processing of rubber, plastic, nonwovens and other sheet materials, Comerio Ercole has been selected to join the best 100 Italian companies in the ESG TOP Performer category of the "2023 Sustainability Award", now in its third edition. In the 2021 edition of the same award, the company based in Busto Arsizio (Varese) took the first place in the "Top Social ESG" category in the medium-sized business segment up to 250 million euros.

Created by Kon Group and promoted together with Elite – the platform launched in 2012 by Borsa Italiana that helps small and medium-sized enterprises grow and have access to private and public capital markets – and with Azimut Emilia-Romagna, Marche and Umbria as main partner, the awards recognise those enterprises that have distinguished themselves for being oriented to sustainability. Each of them has been given an ESG Rating by Altis Alta Scuola Impresa e Società of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and by Reprisk. The award is the only one in Italy based solely on a mathematical score which does not require a jury and a qualitative assessment and – as  explained by Francesco Ferragina, president of Kon Group –  is part of a "complex long-term project that aims to promote the culture of sustainability in the business system along with the awareness and visibility of virtuous enterprises that have invested considerable resources to improve the world we live in."

The third edition of the awards paid tribute to all those who have made sustainable development an integral part of their corporate philosophy thanks to processes, systems and resources that mitigate the environmental and social impact. The selection phase is based on the administration of self-assessment questionnaires to 260 candidates admitted to the final phase. The organisers were committed to personally deliver the ESG rating reports to all participants who in the coming months will make themselves available and will organise "one-to-one" meetings with each one in order to deepen the elements of improvement compared to the current situation and prepare the fourth edition of the awards which, in addition to the current participants, aims to further expand the audience of sustainable enterprises to which to offer a great opportunity for visibility.