Open doors at Bausano

A day devoted to the present and the future of extrusion

Technology - Wednesday, 13 March 2019

On March 12, Bausano organised an open day at its own headquarters in Rivarolo Canavese (Turin), in order to present its latest innovations in the extrusion field.

The event started with a lecture by the vice president, Clemente Bausano, about the present and the future of the company, which has been operating in Italy for over 70 years, followed by a visit to the production facilities of screws, barrels and gearboxes. During the visit, the Multidrive system was unveiled that allows the extruders by the Canavesan manufacturer to considerably reduce energy consumption. In the afternoon, the guests could see the startup of an MD 75 twin-screw extrusion line, on which some demonstrative tests were performed.

The Multidrive 4x2 system of Bausano extruders is designed to eliminate the torsional stress on the drive shafts and to split both the stress itself and the torque transmitted, thus enabling a reduction of energy consumption without affecting performance levels. The distribution of the movement on four different points increases the life of shafts and gears, improving the overall reliability of the extruder. The intermeshing, counter-rotating twin-screw system ensures high durability and optimum performance for any kind of extrusion line.

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